Intel provides optimized server systems to deliver the maximum I/O capacity and memory bandwidth.

Premier Solution:

Intel Server Board S2600GZIntel® Server Board S2600GZ

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Maximum Memory Bandwidth:

Intel Server Board S2600JFIntel® Server Board S2600JF

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Maximum Memory and I/O:

Intel Server Board S2600WPIntel® Server Board S2600WP

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Memory throughput and capacity

Intel designs are optimized for compute power and maximum memory bandwidth.

Performance and price

Achieve Top500-level Tflops throughput performance.

Storage stability and performance

Cable-less mirrored or striped storage (RAID 1,0) with up to 700K IOPS.


Scalability and density

Half-width form factor allows for four nodes in 2U, advanced hot swap storage and multiple I/O options.

Intel® Cluster Ready

Intel® Cluster Ready architecture means pre-tested interoperability, so you realize high performance computing (HPC) benefits faster and dramatically reduce deployment time.

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